TDS Meter, Jellas 3-In-1 Digital TDS/ EC/ Temperature Meter/ Tester for Water Quality Test with Backlit LCD Display.

Jellas Digital pH Meter - B0752HP61Y

$ 12.99

3-In-1 WATER QUALITY TESTER: Measures total dissolved solids (TDS, mg/L), electrical conductivity (EC, µs/cm), temperature (℃) and Fahrenheit (°F) with one digital tester.

FAST AND RELIABLE READOUT: High sensitive Titanium Alloy Electrode, quickly readout in 10 seconds with large black light LCD display, measuring range of 0-4990 ppm, 1 ppm Resolution, +/- 2% High Accuracy.

EASE OF USE: The TDS tester features the “ON/OFF/Hold” button for power switch and reading lock; “Clear” button to clear the data to zero for each test; “Mode” button to shift to measure TDS/EC/TEMP.

MULTIPURPOSE WATER TESTER: Use this mini device to test the water you are planning to use for hydroponics or to fill your aquarium. It can also be used as a TDS meter for coffee or a TDS meter for drinking water to ensure your H20 is clean and healthy。

COMPACT POCKET SIZE: Small, slim, lightweight size of our 3-in-1 pocket size TDS meter allows you to carry it to outdoor for water test just put it in your pocket. Comes with a premium leather case for storage or carry.


 Jellas 3-In-1 Pocket Size TDS Meter is designed to provide our customers to measure total dissolved solids (TDS, mg/L), electrical conductivity (EC, µs/cm), temperature (℃) and Fahrenheit (°F) with one digital tester.

The TDS affects the quality of drinking water consumption. For drinking, the lower TDS level of water, the better for your health. 

U.S EPA Recommendation:

The United States’ Environment Protection Agency’s recommended maximum contaminant levels of TDS for human consumption is 500ppm. 

Quick and Reliable Test

The TDS meter features high sensitive Titanium Alloy Electrode ensures that it’ll quickly give you stable and reliable meter reading within 10 seconds, easy to use and save your time.

Lock Function

No longer worry about you’ll lose the meter reading after taking your TDS tester out of solution you just press the "HOLD" button, easy to read and record numbers you need.

Auto Shut Off

60 seconds Auto Shut Off feature with our TDS meter ensures the battery won't run down and protect your meter, one cell battery for long time use.

Back Light Indicator

The display will show green light when TDS is less than 40ppm, otherwise it shows red light when TDS is over 40ppm.

Premium Leather Case

All Jellas 3-In-1 Pocket Size TDS Meter come with a high quality and good look leather case for carrying and storage. 


●TDS(ppm): 0-4999ppm, TDS≤ 100ppm, accuracy ±2ppm; TDS> 100ppm, ± 2% accuracy. 
●EC(µs/cm): 0-9999µs, ± 2% accuracy. 
●Temp(℃/°F): 0-99℃ & 32-212°F, ± 0.1℃accuracy. 
●Electrode: High sensitive Titanium Alloy Electrode. 
●Battery CR2032: 1000 hours for continuous test. 
●Product Size: 6.5x 1.2 x 0.7 Inch.